710 Version Guide Descriptions
This Guide is copyrighted material and can be copied to only one computer and used by one person.
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This program was tested on a 1.2Ghz AMD Processor with 256M RAM, and Windows XP OS and
is compatible with Vista. If you have a system that doesn't match this criteria
contact us and we
will be happy to help you with other options. It is our mission to help you attain your goal and we
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Advantages of different versions:
Print Version: For the person that wants a book in hand to study at work or pool side. The program can
be purchased, installed and printed in less than a half hour. It sure beats having to wait a week for one to
be shipped to you when time is a factor.
Computer Version: Unlike the printed version, some people wish to avoid the time and expense of
printing, and
maybe save a tree. Another advantage over the print version is that every kind of term in the
guide is completely searchable. Forgot why you post weld, or what a transistor does? Just search the word
and the guide will find it for you. This guide can be downloaded and used within 5 minutes.
Dual Version: The Print and Computer versions combined! The best of both worlds. This guide can be
installed within 5 minutes, and completely printed within a half hour.

All 710 Guides are Dual versions!
Dual Version: Both the Print version and the Computer version combined. Print
Version can be printed for up to 24 hours. Computer version remains on you
computer and can be opened any time.  
Includes: Test procedures, Study
material, 2 full length tests, 991 in doc format and KSAs in doc format.
Please  be ready to print before you click the link to print the guide