Frequently Asked Questions:
Brief statement: We will work with any customer to help them attain a guide. Obviously we are a business and must
earn money to survive, but it is not about the money for us. It's about helping people reach their individual goals and
to keep them from getting bad information that will cost them time, money and a chance to reach their goal. Any
problems, questions or concerns, contact us and we will be happy to assist you, it's what we're here for.

Q. Why don't you have a phone number listed on your site?
A. An excellent and valid question
, that's why it's first on the list. We did at one time post our phone number.
Instead of customers with legitimate problems calling us for assistance, we received a generous portion of "Study
Buddies." When we realized that we were spending most of our time being tutors to people who needed to learn
good study habits, and these people had the information we were giving on the phone right in the guide, we took the
phone number off the site. It is not good for you or for us, for our employees to become tutors. These tests are tough
and having good study habits is the only way you're going to pass them. What you need is the right material, which
we provide here. We feel we were doing more damage than good having the number on the site.

Q. You have no number on your site, can we talk with someone for customer assistance?
A. Absolutely.
If you use the form on the "Contact US" Page and leave your phone number, we will be happy to
call you. We are a Florida based Company and will call after hours, within reason (We are a lively group here, but we
do sleep...). E-mails are answered very promptly here as customer service and satisfaction are our number one
priority, as anyone who has ever dealt with us will tell you. Please limit your calls to real problems such as computer
issue, etc. If you have a technical question about the test we'll email an answer and call you if necessary.

Update: as of 7/14/09 we are on our second generation of the 955 study guide. We have much more
information now than the first guide and have really worked hard to make this an excellent study guide.

Q. How accurate are the guides?
A. Very.
We've taken great pains to insure their accuracy. We constantly go over and update the materials. We
endeavour to make the guide as complete and accurate as possible.

Q. I paid for the program, followed the instructions on the download page, and my computer won't allow
me to install it.
A. Be sure that you have Administrative Privilege on the computer you're installing to
. Some systems are
protected and won't allow an install, such as many business computers. Also be sure and
follow the instructions
on the download page and
do not try to change default directories or drives. If you have a special need such
as RAID drives, contact us and we will assist you.

Q. I installed the program and when I click on the link to launch the guide a window appears telling me I
have 24 hours to print the guide. I click on "Enter" and it asks me for a code. I don't have a code to enter.

At the end of the sentence it states to click on "OK" and not to click on "Enter". We are the only ones who have
the code so we can manipulate the program on your machine if there is a problem, which to date there never has
been. "OK" requires no code and launches your guide.

Q. There is no information on your site on how to download the guide after it is purchased, how do I do
A. As of 9/16/08:
We have finally found a way working with PayPal to allow automatic download pages to be
launched immediately after purchase! If you have any problems contact us at
The only requirement is that you leave the page open after purchase and allow 30 seconds for the download page to
appear. You will see a link "Back to a3Laws", click the link to get to the registration page. If you closed the page you
have 2 options:
1. Purchase the guide a second time and download it. Send us an email and we will issue a full refund for the first
guide as soon as we get the email. Business hours are 9 - 5, M - F, EST.
2. Write us an email and we'll send a link during normal business hours. We do monitor our emails after hours, but
can't guarantee an immediate response, although we usually do.

Q. Can I pay by check?
Yes, it is of course much slower to do so. Click on this link for instructions: Pay by Check

Q. I have a MAC, will your program work on it.
A. Yes
. We have now created MAC compatible guides. Go to any product description page and there is a link to the
MAC guides.

Q. Will the guide work on Windows 95 or 98?
A. Yes, but read this
. The program was tested on a 1.2GHz AMD with 256M RAM and a Windows XP operating
system. An added bonus to creating MAC compatible programming is that we managed to also make them
compatible with older slower computers and operating systems. Purchase a MAC version for these older computer
systems and contact us and we will help if you have any issues.

Q. Will the guide work on Windows ME?
A. Yes, but read about 95 and 98, the same applies.

Q. I bought a Computer version over a year and a half ago and it takes about 5 minutes to open. Is there
any way I can get it to open faster?
I think that this customer should have taken the test by now. Originally, we had several issues with the
downloadable guide. The first problem was with different customers having different systems with different video
drivers and we had all kinds of different problems with graphics displays. We solved this by going with a program with
its own drivers. The drawback is that due to the large amount of graphics, the program is large. Customers with slow
processors, not much memory, and a lot of programs in their startup had problems with slow access time. We have
broken up the guide into parts, and it was tested on a 1.2GHz AMD with 256M RAM and a Windows XP operating
system. All of the guides will now open faster than 40 seconds on this computer. If you are having any problems
please contact us and we will be happy to help you speed up the process on your computer.

Q. What percentage of those people who purchase your guide pass the test?
We have tried to get statistics on this, but people have busy lives and really are not interested in filling out
statistical forms.
Of the people that have purchased the guide, tested, and responded 100% have passed
by the second try.
No-one has responded that they have failed after the second try. The most frequent reason
given as to why they failed the first time was that they
ran out of time on the first test. These are difficult and long
tests. Study your guide diligently and you should have no problem passing the test. We added a testimonial page,
and are now getting feedback from customers.

Q. I tried to download the guide to my thumbdrive and I can't get it to work or copy it to another computer.
A. This is our favorite question. This is copyrighted material, one computer, one customer per guide.
protected the program so that it could not be copied. No program is hack proof, but we tried to make it as difficult as
possible so that it is not cost effective for someone to hack the guide. We could make it more secure, and require the
customer to log into different sites and enter codes, but we're trying to make this as easy for our customers as
possible. It is very clearly stated on the site and the download page
NOT to change default directories or this
program will not work. The guides are very inexpensive for the amount of time, effort, research, material and support
you receive with them.
This site is ran by Blue collar workers just like you're trying to become, so if you need
the guide why not just buy it so we can stay in business and help others to attain their goals. We will diligently work
with each customer to help them reach their individual goal, that's why we started this site and created an
inexpensive guide. Take a look at the other guides that are available out there and you will be back to this one, it is
the best by far, because we wanted it to be for you. We have never had a complaint about the guide, only the
download page from PayPal or the guide not opening because of the customer's computer. If you have dialup, or
some other issue, contact us and we will do everything in our power to help you obtain a guide.

Q. How big is the program?
A. Depending on which one you purchase, approximately 15 - 30M
. The mp3 files for "Guide in mp3"
range from 60M to 190M.
For the guides without mp3, from the time you click on the link and click open or run it
takes typically 2-3 minutes to download on Cable or DSL and about 15 seconds or less to install. If you have dialup,
either purchase a print version and print it on another Windows based computer and we can send you the rest of the
program, or contact us for other options.
We will work with you so that you can obtain a guide. The "Guide in
take considerably longer because of the size of the files; typically it takes about 20 minutes.