Quite frequently we have customers who write us to tell us about their success in
landing a job after purchasing, studying and testing using our guide. Some of
them have also asked us to place what they have written on our site so other
people can share in their success. It makes us very happy to read letters like
this, so here are just a few that we like.
Dutchman: hi matt i got the results on the 932 exam today, i got an 88.4 rating!

LM Tampa: I took the 932 test and got my test results back.  What’s
considered to be a good score? I scored an 85.

Miquel: hi! i had purchased from you before exam 932(dec 2007)
and exam 933(feb 2008). i had passed exam 932(thanks to you!)
This customer is waiting to take the 933 test, how do you think he'll do? He wrote this 6/23/08

CvC: Thanks for your program and help.  Just received my 932 exam score
and am happy to say I got a 95.6.  I could not have earned that high a score
without your help.

Tony, Florida: When I purchased your guide I was a Mailhandler in the USPS. I wanted to get into Maintenance
because I believe I have a better future there. I followed your advice and studied "diligently". I first became a
Custodian and then an ET within 4 months from the date I purchased your guide...

JJ: I just wanted to thank you for the study manual.  I tested on January 8th (08) for a Maintenance Mechanic
position and received an 81 on the exam.  That's a huge achievement for me as I have absolutely -0- background in
electronics or mechanics.  Your info concerning KSA's and interviewing was also helpful.  Thanks for a great product.

bonsai622: The item is exactly as advertised. I work at the USPS. This is the real deal

SB: I am writing to let you know that I recieved an 84.1 on my ET test. This would not have happened without your
support and study guide. Thank you so much!

I just wanted to thank you. I purchased your guide last year, used it, passed the test, passed the interview and have
been hired on as a MPE-9.  I recommend this software to anyone who wants to become an MPE.  The study guide
really works. EM

Just wanted to let you know I took my et test Wednesday morning and it really helped having reviewed the material
you sent. Wish I would have ordered it sooner.
Thanks again,
John S.

Jim B: Purchased the 933 review guide-took the test earlier this month, got my results yesterday-89! (First time taker)
-Great review material,definitely recommend!P.S.- Feel free to post my comments on the
testimonial page. Just received an email from Mr B and he starts in Oct 08! Congrats Mr B!
ljc4040: bought guide, took test...MONEY!!!! Great seller! Responds quick to questions!

dis831: Super fast emails- Quick download- Everything was great. Thank you!!!

Mike591: (ET 932 Dual Version) as advertised, i would deal with again!

misssaigon98: (ET 932 Dual Version) Very responsible seller.

mkmcoolman: (931, 932, 933 Full Dual) EXCELLENT PRODUCT....EXACTLY AS EXPECTED....A+++++++

sc_homie: (ET 932 Dual Version) Very good communication, and good results, recommended to others.

josephandlorena: (MPE 933 Dual Version) a3laws made the purchasing and receiving process amazingly easy.
Thank you.

789nabil:(BEM 931 Computer Version) THANKS GREAT HELP A++++

colawarrior: (ET 932 Dual Version) What a great product! Tons of information and study guides Thanks

themechanic85:(ET 932 Dual Version) The study materials are more that I expected, "most excellent." Thanks!

flyavid:(ET 932 Dual Version) Fantastic!!! Thanks so much.

tcflame:(MPE 933 Dual Version) OMG! Great Product! The info is TOP SHELF! Got my score 2day - I PASSED!

garynco1412: (ET 932 Dual Version) Get this and don't mess with the other sites like postalexam.com .. Thank you.

paulrobud: (MPE 933 Dual Version) exactly what i was searching for and needed.

georgekat123: (BEM 931 Dual Version) Thank you,easy download and good quality.

rog332:(BEM 931 Dual Version) Great customer service and a good product

helen118x: (931, 932, 933 Full Print Version) Great Customer Service!

turtlert50: (ET 932 Dual Version) Concise, thorough,and simple. Exactly what is needed for advancement!!!

dellie710819: (931,932,933 Full Dual w 916 and mp3) Postal Exam Guide Excellent Work . Thank you for the

alpinedennis: (ET 932 Dual Version) The test was harder than I thought it would be. This was a good review.

ntkim: (931, 932, 933) Full Print Version Good communication. Informative material. A++++++++++++++++


1forzaitalia: Great product , very helpful and great communication ...this is a good seller!

michael_ct: Great Product , A++++++

angelaj34: Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

stewart0321: More thorough study material than I had expected! Easy transaction and download

aklietx012: easy access with the digital way

coombs74: Great seller, Extremely helpful. A+++++++++++++++++++++++

themelvin68: Great communication and Great product for postal test prep

randypardee: Exactly as promised!

jimmycn :Exellent seller and prompt delivery. Thanks!

mr121384: delivered exactly what was promised and did it right away!

valouch1: GREAT PRODUCT!! I would definitely recommend!!