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Pay Information (USPS, Civil Service varies upon state and location): Go to http:
for updates
Custodian PS4:
$27,404 to $51,812
General Mechanic (GM) PS7: $37,907 to $56,007
Mail Processing Equipment Mechanic (MPE) PS9: $50,360 to $58,268
Building Equipment Mechanic PS9 (BEM)(AMT) :$50,360 to $58,268
Electronics Technician (ET) PS10: $53,603 to $63,011

These figures are accurate as of 04/29/13 but do not include night differential, Sunday
Premium, overtime, holiday, or out of schedule pay

To obtain a USPS or Civil Service position:
You must be 18 years old, Have a high school diploma or GED, Be a US citizen or have a
green card, Be willing to submit to a drug test and physical exam. For Civil Service be
sure to read any job announcements for specific criteria for your position.
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