Postal Maintenance Exam
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Postal Maintenance Exam and Study Guide. Welcome! It is our mission to
enable you to attain your goal of landing a Maintenance job in the USPS or to land
Civil Service position. Included in our affordable, and comprehensive
educational package is the application, interviewing, testing  processes involved in
attaining your position. The download package also includes all of the technical  
modules necessary to pass the tests and six 60 question practice tests with
explained answers and one 56 question spacial test with the 955 exam! Try our
new Guides on mp3 (books on tape)!
We have discontinued the 931, 932 and 933 guides; the USPS is no longer
administering these exams. Copies are available upon request.
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About Us
Written by a USPS Technician with over 23 years in Service
Written by a USPS Technician that has passed the testing, interview, and KSA
process  for the 916, 931, 932, 933, 955 tests
Pictures and labels for: Oscilloscopes, meters, hand tools, gates, power tools and
much more!
Postal Maintenance Exam. Who is this study guide designed for? Anyone who
wishes to become an ET, MPE, BEM, MM, AMT, Custodian, Maintenance Control
MOS or other position. The Postal Maintenance Exams and Study Guide covers
tests 916, 931, 932, 933 and 955 can be used by anyone who is not currently
employed by the USPS, or anyone in service who is looking to take a promotion. It
is also excellent for anyone who is looking to update or someone who has an
interest in HVAC, Mechanics, or Electronics
Postal Maintenance Exam and Study Guide  
ET, MPE, GM/MM, BEM, AMT, Custodian, etc.
710, 916, 931, 932, 933, and 955 Tests.

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